Nut and bolt torques, and car filter stuff

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Nut and bolt torques, and car filter stuff

Post by INMA » Feb 4th, '18, 01:11

I was watching one of the many TV 4X4 shows when the program gave some on the road maintenance advice. I have issues with the advice so here is my rant.

Blowing dust outt of a paper element air cleaner is not an approved method of servicing a dirty air filter and if you need to clean it daily, then you have the wrong cleaner. In severe conditions, fit new paper filters if you must stay with the standard air cleaner. Blowing air through the paper just removes the big particles and frees the small dust left in the paper to migrate through the paper and dust your engine. If you do upgrade your filter, the easiest upgrade would be to a Donaldson filter with precleaner, paper filter, safety filter and a filter indicator that indicates when the filter needs servicing. New piping is best done with worm drive clamps, Tbolt clamps are proven to be poor at sealing and dust engines. Donaldson paper filter are reusable after washing but you need clean filters for roadside change over.

The show had a person under the car checking things like U bolt tightness with a standard socket set. There is no way anyone is likely to find a fault with standard wrenches. You need a socket with torque wrench set at 90% of the manufacturer's specified torque. The reason for 90% is most bolts and joints relax after initial tensioning, applying 100% torque is ok but won't prove much if the nut turns whereas a nut or bolt turning at 90% is a good sign you need to watch that fastener/joint.

Likewise wheel nuts should only be checked with a torque wrench. Nobody can accurately measure torque without the right tool,especially on the side of road. in some cars wrong wheel nut torques damage the parts.
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Re: Nut and bolt torques, and car filter stuff

Post by zebedee » Feb 4th, '18, 02:04

Since you're clearly in a mood to be grumpy at the media giving out car advice they're not qualified to provide, I offer you the following, advice for winter driving in a climate of snow and ice (and temperatures in degrees fahrenheit), published in Australian Business Insider in mid summer, January 2016: ... ood-2016-1

Did you know, for example, that:

"Under normal conditions, your car engine runs on a mixture of air and vaporized fuel, gasoline in this case. When that mixture enters a cylinder, a piston compresses it, which produces a spark. That spark ignites a spark plug that then generates a combustion event, which drives the engine."
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Re: Nut and bolt torques, and car filter stuff

Post by colect149 » Feb 4th, '18, 07:28

Maybe it says something about the readers of that publication as there was not an outcry and the text edited. Don't flame me but most journalists start out with an Arts Degree. Many years ago I was involved in many public events, I learned then about inaccurate reporting.
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Re: Nut and bolt torques, and car filter stuff

Post by Tezza » Feb 4th, '18, 08:19

I just read the whole article. Dare I say a bloke did not write it.
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