Castle 650 mast rake measured from where?

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Castle 650 mast rake measured from where?

Post by bachus » Jan 3rd, '18, 17:02

Hi all more experienced Castle owners.

The Castle web site states a mast rake of 310mm. This seems quite extreme to me and I am wondering if this is measured from the trailing edge of the mast top crane or from the mast itself?

At present my boom is near horizontal or slightly dipping at the rear if I really cranked the main sheet. But I do not have this level of rake if it is measured from the mast itself.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Castle 650 mast rake measured from where?

Post by Castle 610 » Jan 3rd, '18, 19:13

Mast rake is mast rake. 300 mm is not extreme. Get the boat level and use a weight hanging off the main halyard. Measure distance to mast from halyard a mast base.

Lets check mine. ( next tace 21st Jan).
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