NSW RMS Charts for single download

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NSW RMS Charts for single download

Post by Buzzman » Oct 7th, '13, 17:23

Hi peeps!

As most should know the NSW RMS has mapped all the NSW coast and rivers and published PDF files of these for free download on their website. (Or buy in paper for $7 ea)


What I noticed when I downloaded them was :
a) it took forever to download them all one by one
b) the file names did not match the listed names and alpha-numeric coding

So I have re-saved them all and re-named them so they match the RMS site's published alpha-numeric system.....

Basically, they start at 1A for the QLD border and finish with 14A at Gabo Island in the south.

This is for the detailed larger scale maps.

The smaller scale 'overview' maps of the coast are purely numeric, so paper map "1 & 2" is the Qld border to Ballina, and Ballina to Brooms Head - obviously one is on one side and one is on the other, so in digital format they are both called "1-2" and either 'front' or 'back' depending.

But the labelling of the file names for these was even worse, so I have re-named them as per the actual listings, so map "1-2_Ballina-to-Brooms-Head_back" indicates this is the reverse of the sheet 1-2. Hope that makes sense. It was called "twdcst_back" before, so I think this is a bit easier to follow. :)

Not sure if they can be used in any nav programs, but even if you print them off to A3 at the local library it should be a damn sight cheaper than paying $7 per map.

So if anyone wants to download the whole lot (excluding the inland waterways which I didn't bother to include) then you can just click thru to my MediaFire online file storage and download them in a single download.

MediaFire is like Dropbox, only has been around longer, so I haven't bothered to update my online storage client. You might need to 'register' with Mediafire, but it is OK to do so, as I have never had any issues nor ever received any spam from them......

http://www.mediafire.com/folder/mv6dw0i ... W_RMS_maps


PS: Took me quite a few hours to put this all together, so I hope someone actually uses them.

DOH!! Hadn't used MediaFire for awhile and they've put in a 'paywall' for multiple file downloads, so this is not much better than the RMS site, except that all the file names are set out logically..... Sorry. My bad. :(

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