How to Swage wire rigging by hand

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How to Swage wire rigging by hand

Post by barnaclephill » Dec 14th, '13, 22:20

Excellent brochure/chart on how to do your own hand swaging to make your own rigging.
Plus the breaking strain and safe loads of various diameters of wire.

Arm company of Japan. Swage pdf

Hand swage tools are about $170 in the boat shops. Bunnings sell them for $81, for a 600mm long model, which does 1mm, 2mm,3mm, 4mm and 5mm, and cuts wire to that 5 or 6mm also. Kinchrome swage tool 600mm
They also sell a smaller swage tool but doing only 3 sizes, for $50.

Edit. I've just done 19 swages on my 6mm galvanised wire with a 600mm long swage tool. It was tough to squash the alloy swages to 6mm wire, but holding the tool to press against the ground helped, and so did practice. After doing 2 swages each on 9 wires and bending the wire around a thimble/eye it was hard work but you get better at it with practice.

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