Tide directions on Moreton Bay

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Tide directions on Moreton Bay

Post by Lofty » Dec 11th, '14, 12:14

Hi all,

Is there an app or location to find which way the tide flows thru Moreton Bay- especially around islands.

While it's obvious in some areas I'd be keen to know the details around Peel where the 2 channels are closer together heading in opposite directions.

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Re: Tide directions on Moreton Bay

Post by surfsideminer » Dec 11th, '14, 22:02

Hi Lofty,

Been a while but I think the tide goes in and out :wink: with the depth being higher or lower :roll:

Joking aside I haven't heard of an app and most chart plotters I have seen and used only give simplified flows, if the feature is available at all. I would be surprised if any gave more than averaged heights based on standard formulae, let alone specific tide differentials at a specified point.
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Re: Tide directions on Moreton Bay

Post by byrdsworth » Dec 15th, '14, 12:37

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Re: Tide directions on Moreton Bay

Post by sailboatmike » Dec 15th, '14, 21:23

Thats great info I wonder if its available for Westernport, I have often wondered the exact tidal flow
Cheers Mike
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