One for the 2-stroke horse (power) whisperers

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One for the 2-stroke horse (power) whisperers

Post by peterh » Apr 29th, '18, 19:17

My scenario is:
- a Yamaha 8hp 2 stroke that has behaved reasonably well over the years- not sure the year of manufacture, but about 2004 or 2005
- used exclusively on Gippsland Lakes, and motor always flushed after use, and serviced every 3-4 years including changing impeller
- when used at Easter experienced problems- the water flow from the telltale slowed to a trickle, and exhaust smoke was emitting from the telltale hole;
- when revs increased, the motor seemed to 'suffocate', with exhaust smoke emitting from around the base of the motor, and it would stall unless revs backed off
- removed the cowling cover on the theory that would allow air to flow to the motor, and seemed to run a little better, but still not as per usual

Has been suggested to me that these Yamaha motors are prone to internal corrosion, and that this is likely problem

I came across the post below from MoodyBlue and wonder whether this may be my issue? ... hp#p122933

Not being at all 'mechanical', I am not sure whether this is a case of approaching the motor's end of life, or whether there are steps that can be taken to restore the performance

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


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Re: One for the 2-stroke horse (power) whisperers

Post by barnaclephill » Apr 29th, '18, 20:44

Dangar Marine/Dangar Stu's video, especially at 12 minutes 50secs. Good tell tale and water flow, occasional pulsing of the water because of exhaust gas getting in. ... mIRUO&t=0s

Either a blown gasket or corrosion. So a mechanic or yourself could pull it apart and have a look.

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