North from Townsville

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North from Townsville

Post by Small Hotel » Mar 6th, '18, 14:48

We will be heading off on a 10 or 11 day trip in late June.
I thought I would see if anyone else wanted to join us on a one way cruise in company up through the Palm Islands, the rough outline follows.

Launch at Townsville early on 28th June, then take rigs up to Mission Beach.
Catch the Greyhound bus or train back to Townsville.
Next head off with the South Easterly off your back quarter and fill in the next 10 days meandering up the coast visiting many of the islands and anchorages between Magnetic and Dunk islands.

Haul out at the Clump Point ramp up at Mission Beach or keep going to Cairns if you do not have to be back at work.
(We have to be back at work)

Send me a PM if you are keen.


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