Keelers for Sale

For our friends who no longer are able to have a trailer under their Yacht ;-) and we all use a mast and sails at the end of the day (or start of the day!!)
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Re: Keelers for Sale

Post by Shaun » Oct 7th, '17, 08:49

Swanson 36, $19k.
It's old but a classic, if the engine is good it seems very good value for a solid cruiser. ... -36/208109

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Re: Keelers for Sale

Post by Slammin » Feb 10th, '18, 19:35

Walker H28, Vic. ... 1174697690

This is an amazing restoration project. Google HG02 on Seabreeeze to see his work, mainly on the, What did you do to your boat today? thread.

Very sadly he is not well and unable to enjoy the fruits of his labours. Terrible shame for such amazing workmanship.

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Re: Keelers for Sale

Post by INMA » Jun 6th, '18, 14:02

Nothing is free, abuse the environment and nature will make us pay the cost with interest.

Anyone ignoring the environment, is probably neglecting our children's future.

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Re: Keelers for Sale

Post by Peter Yates » Jun 12th, '18, 09:51

31' Steel hulled - $9,999 - Drumcondra VIC

This seems to be a huge bargain if you are able to park and maintain a steel boat. ... 1186708711
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