More upgrades for Sunshine

For our friends who no longer are able to have a trailer under their Yacht ;-) and we all use a mast and sails at the end of the day (or start of the day!!)
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More upgrades for Sunshine

Post by ozsailer » Feb 22nd, '16, 18:25

Hello all,
Well its been a while since I posted on what we have been up to on Sunshine. Since coming down from Townsville last year (in company withe fellow TSPer Craggles) we parked Sunshine at the Great Sandy Straights Marina to so some local sightseeing and further upgrades in preparation for the cruising season this year.

One of the many frustrations that we have experienced was tryiing to source parts locally and also tradesman in-particular a rigger to quote and do the work to replace the existing standing and some of the running rigging. After much frustration and angst Colin Quinn of Quinn sails (Mooloolaba) has come to the rescue and is halfway through the job as I type. So far the inner diamonds have been replaced but the shrouds have caused an issue as they are both seized at the bottle screws. The main halyard, spinaker halyard, topping lift and jib halyard have all been replaced. I had Colin install two level mast steps to a level where my chest will be level with the top of the mast for easier access and ease of work. It is challenging working at a lower level in a bosun chair 15 metres up the mast and this will make this a whole lot easier and safer (imo).

While working on the job we found that the jib was at its maximum stretch and the luff could not be pulled any tighter. Colin took the sail away and removed 150mm from the head so I am hoping to see some improvement in sail shape. The other thing that we had noticed before was that some of the supporting eyelets for the trampoline were coming away from the tramp. turns out some dodgy person had used the wrong material and eyelets to do the job. The edging is being replaced for the right material and the correct eyelets installed which should see many more years use of the tramp.

While waiting to have all this work done I decided to finally get around to replacing the galley top that was showing some severe signs of wet rot. Bad design was the original offender but this was then compounded when a attempted repair was done in a very shoddy manner. A very cheap ply was used with a even cheaper laminate epoxied over the old rotted top. What should have been a relatively easy job turned into quite an extensive renovation.

On the Lagoon to remove the galley top you have to remove the lower sliding window sill. Unfortunately the repair laminate job had been butted up against the sill not allowing access to the sill base. Quite a job exposing this in itself. Then it turns out that the sill for the window is part of the sill to the door connected by a drop sill that the door slides into when closed. So the door has to come off then you have access to removed one piece sill. The sill was in such poor shape paint wise we were able to send it off to have it stripped and re-powder coated (much cheaper than replacing) Thats when the problem starts. Remove the whole sill to find that the timber behind is completely rotted away. AHHHHHH!!! To top it off copious amounts of sika like substance has been used over the years to try and patch the leak (obviously failed). Undertake removal of rotted timber and replacing with new epoxied coated timber.

Finally I can get access to remove the kitchen top or so I thought. It turns out that the kitchen top extends under a cupboard that sits on the galley top and is part of the roof for the companionway in the starboard hull. So I dismantle the under roof lining, dismantle the galley cupboard and remove countless screws holding the tops to the base cupboard. After much fanfare the told galley top is removed.

I thought I had finally broken the back of the job, until I went to remove the timber fiddle that surrounded the old galley top and which I needed to re-use on the new top. Turns out that this is the strongest part of the boat. In all there is about 3 linear metres of timber fiddle. Every 100mm is has been screwed to the bench top. Not only was it screwed it was then sealed around the edges by Sika. BUT just in case that was not enough it was then epoxied along it length !!!!!! What were they thinking. With perseverance, a great oscillating tool, a lot a swearing and cussing and the loving support of the first mate. We managed to get it off with one minor crack that has since been repaired.

We are on the home stretch now with the new bench. We are using 18mm marine ply (as per original) but instead of laminating we are going natural timber look and putting several coatings of high gloss Northane two pak poly urathene which is bringing up the woodwork a treat. I have removed the old two sink and replaced it with a larger single sink and strainer (at request of first mate) We replaced the flix mixer tap with a new one. We were originally told that a domestic unit would not work and would have to buy a RV or marine one. When the sales person left a guy came over and apologised for listening in but said it was rubbish and he had installed a household one on his boat and it worked well. He was right. The new unit it putting out water better than the old one.

So thats where we are up to at the moment. Rigger hopes to come back this Wednesday to complete the rigging and with a bit of luck the rest of our work will be finished by the end of the week. We are then ready for cruising. Not too soon I can tell you that :D . There were supposed to be photos but having difficulty embedding them into TSP at moment. Will post when I sought issue out. Oh did I mention for stress relief I serviced our winches :)
Sue and Greg
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Re: More upgrades for Sunshine

Post by honeyman » Feb 22nd, '16, 23:04

A great write up Greg, keep up the good work and have a season of trouble free cruising ahead of you.

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Re: More upgrades for Sunshine

Post by Furstin » Mar 3rd, '16, 11:26

Sounds fun mate!
Love to see the pics.

I was pointed in the direction of this stuff for the dodger hard top I am designing. Needing something for a drip line, I had considered a finger rail and routing the corners out of ply to suit, but this stuff will take a tight turn and I'll laminate in place then glass over. ... Path=56_65

If you need any more stress relief I have half a dozen Andersons that could do with a going over. :-)
Borrman 38.

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