Another which yacht question

For our friends who no longer are able to have a trailer under their Yacht ;-) and we all use a mast and sails at the end of the day (or start of the day!!)
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Another which yacht question

Post by guzzis3 » Jul 7th, '17, 14:53

Hi all.

I know this gets asked all over the place, and repeatedly here. I apologize for asking once again. I've just spent the last couple of hours reading back through this forum, and had a look at a couple of others. Unfortunately it seems there are some people on other sailing forums that want to grandstand and argue, and in my experience there people here are usually pretty helpful. The market is bizarre these days and a lot of what has been said in the past probably doesn't apply to todays prices, so here goes...

I learned to sail on keel boats in the 80's but in the 90's discovered catamarans and was sold. Absolutely love them. I've been sick for 4 years and now starting to get better again I'm busting to go sailing. I am in Brisbane, have a little beach cat and a rowing shell, but have not had a "big" boat for some years. I'm well out of touch with displacement yachts of all kinds. I asked here last year about RL28's and similar maxi trailer-ables but recently I've seen ridiculously cheap keelers advertised. I know these boats will need work, and I know some will be disasters, but some look like they are worth an inspection. The boat will be for coastal cruising close to land east coast from say port douglas to sydney, usually me alone. I'm getting increasingly anti social as I get older :) I would very much prefer an enclosed heads with shower and headroom. I only sail in daylight, not at night, and I hide during bad weather. I'm no hero. I'd like the boat to make decent daily passages and have good manners.

So I'm thinking 8 - 10 meters, and this is on gumtree: ... 1137883531

Looks in decent condition but also looks a bit IOR in the stern, might be a bit unstable running ?

So the question is:

Do you think a boat that size is about right ?

Do you think that mottle 8.6 would be an ok option ?

Am I missing anything ?

Also anyone around SEQ can you advise on getting a swing mooring ? At that price it's almost a throw away boat but if it's worth buying I'll need to keep it somewhere and from what I've seen of marina and hardstand fees these days.... I don't mind storing it some distance from home if these is a cheaper option, but probably more than 3 hours away will be stretching it a bit...

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by impulse » Jul 7th, '17, 20:10

Trailer sailers are generally much more expensive than fixed keelers, and trailer maintenance and/or replacement of aged trailers could easily equate to the upkeep of a keel boat, mooring, slipping & antifoul.
Trailer sailers by necessity, with keels, rudders and masts designed to be lowered and raised, are not necessarily as robust or strong as a fixed keel boat.
The absence of a keel case inside the boat allows significant additional space and usability.
Notwithstanding the above re strength, when the caca hits the fan, a trailer sailer can be safely on it's trailer in the back yard.
I can be in the whitsundays in 2 days. 8)
Horses for courses mate. Likewise with regards size.
Whilst I am still happy the stuff around rigging and launching and yearn to travel to various places in the country trailer sailers are good for me. When I get sick of that a moored catamaran is certainly on the cards.
Cheers Robin.

Robin & Terry.
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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by garymalmgren » Jul 7th, '17, 23:10

I find that to be a pretty strange ad.
No mention of roller furling, dodger, bimini, wheel steering etc.
Various gear that is not connected.
$6000 and open to negotiation. Willing to swap for a motorbike?
Does the engine actually run?

Could be the bargain of a lifetime, but then again....

The only way is to actually take a look.

let us know.


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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by guzzis3 » Jul 8th, '17, 12:31

The boat I linked is sold. I guess it was a good price.

I'd prefer a multi and I'd prefer something that can live on a trailer, but possibly not for the reasons others might. I'm not interested in speed, I just love the way cats feel. I'm not interested in trailering to places distant. I'm 3 kms from a ramp, and that's the only place the trailer will go, probably. Having said that there is tremendous convenience in being able to maintain your boat in the front yard, and more and more there is the security issue.

The reason I'm looking at keelers is there are some incredible bargains now. Lots of optimists as always, some boats have been on market for many years, but I regularly see boats that look like tremendous bargains.

I can assess condition, I'm not worried about that. I guess what I was asking was about boats I know nothing about. I know of some well known yachts, like the RL28, mac 26 etc, but when you get into moored boats there are so flipping many and quite often the bargains are the less well known things. I can eyeball a boat's lines and if it's obviously a pig I'll stay away, but there are others like that one that look like they have potential.

I have had timber boats and am reluctant to go down that path again...but these are intriguing: ... 1153133072 ... 1152753681

I don't suppose any of you have thoughts on mooring around south east queensland ? I had heard moreton bay was full, but that moorings were still being laid in the river ? Might there be any space further south ? Can any of you recommend a professional mooring company ?

Thank you for the replies.

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by MartinDreaming » Jul 9th, '17, 20:55

guzzis3 wrote:... there is tremendous convenience in being able to maintain your boat in the front yard ...
It's a trap!

I have a trailer sailer, and its been at home for several months as I've sorted out a jammed keel, and many side effects. To be fair, I'm trying to sort out the stuff that will be a PITA when I get it back to its parking spot at Manly, and I'll need to hit up a friend with a bigger car than mine to get it there.

However, I'm now at the point where I'm thinking I need to get it back to the water before I find something else to fix. There's a long list of things I'd like to do, but I'm in danger of forgetting that although sailing is a small part of maintaining a boat, it is what the maintenance is actually for.

If you're interested, you can read about my travails here
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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by INMA » Jul 9th, '17, 21:36

Nothing is free, abuse the environment and nature will make us pay the cost with interest.

Anyone ignoring the environment, is probably neglecting our children's future.

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by guzzis3 » Jul 9th, '17, 23:01


It's a trap! ...

I'm in danger of forgetting that although sailing is a small part of maintaining a boat ...

That got me laughing, thank you :D


Overpriced seawind 24 in need of a lot of work ? I don't know if you have ever sailed one but a snorkel is a handy thing to have on hand :D Fast boat but they take about half a day to put together and have limited accommodations. There seem to be millions of them around, I see them everywhere I go and always a few on market, but not my favorite cat. Fast though,pretty quick...

I know this is a terrible idea but I'm planning to have a look at this. I doubt I'd buy it though... ... 1150094800

I would like to know what it is though. Owner says he was told it is a very early sonata, but it looks nothing like any sonata I can find ??

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by Furstin » Jul 10th, '17, 08:56

Hutton maybe?

Borrman 38.

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by guzzis3 » Jul 10th, '17, 10:33

Furstin wrote:Hutton maybe?

Thank you for that. Yes the hulls certainly looks like that doesn't it ? The owner says the keel raises but I have found ads that mention lifting and swing keels. The boats were available as basic structures so maybe this was an owner modified boat.

Anyway I'm not going to inspect it. I'd be wasting the owners time. It's too small.

I shouldn't be looking at these boats at all, but I'm dying to go cruising. Winter is the absolute best time in Queensland...

I need to drop my little beach cat into moreton bay and get my "fix", that'll help the addiction for a while :)

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Re: Another which yacht question

Post by Cooper » Jul 10th, '17, 10:57

The guy next to us in East Coast marina at Manly just bought a 30' keeler, I forget who designed it now, but it is an IOR design with a very newish diesel but a bit tatty looking for $15,000 last month. I took it out for it's first sail two weeks ago with him and it sails like a dream. Sails were ok, everything worked and it was doing 6 knots on a broad reach in 8knots of wind.

There are bargains out there for sure.

Some people are like clouds. When they go away it makes the day seem brighter.

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