Geelong area

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Geelong area

Post by madang55 » Nov 8th, '13, 21:32

A long story arrives at a decision to possibly take my boat down to Geelong in order to take a mate sailing. (gets me a crew and a famil in the Geelong area) After finding it on Google Earth my thought included launching at Clifton Springs, sailing around to Geelong proper, having lunch, then returning to CSp. etc. My mate said great idea but suggested CSp was a very shallow prospect. Thoughts anyone, or a better suggestion for a day out in the area welcome. St Helens to..... and back?
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Re: Geelong area

Post by MoodyBlue » Nov 8th, '13, 22:06

Can't go wrong playing out of St Helens.

Good ramps and facilities.

Go for a sail to Csp and check it out.

Also Port Arlington is IMHO "the" best spot in Port Phillip.
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