Iceberg cruise

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Iceberg cruise

Post by colect149 » Aug 6th, '12, 08:40

Going to Paynseville from Tuesday to Sunday, sure looks like being an iceberg cruise. Oh well we have the Origo heater and taking plenty of warm clothes. Used to think nothing of it thirty years ago, but as the years roll by, the cold seems to be getting colder.
BTW Bunnings still had 5L metho for for $12.53 the other day. I stocked up as the Origo heater seems to use about 300ML per hour.
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Re: Iceberg cruise

Post by brent53 » Aug 6th, '12, 10:43

Nice to have warm clothes.
No such thing as cold weather, just cold clothes :thumbup:
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Re: Iceberg cruise

Post by peterdays » Dec 11th, '13, 23:32

Great preparation! those warm clothes is a must have. :)


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