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PostPosted: Nov 22nd, '17, 11:07 

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Cooper wrote:
pdandy wrote:

Even now, on this free, direct to consumer information exchange we have subtle feedback loops training us as good customers - the thank button , and the dreaded delay in downloading that results in double post social disgrace.

Sit, beg, bad customer....

The social disgrace is not long suffering on here though. :lol: If you don't notice a double post and delete it yourself then one of us mods does it for you and nobody knows about your "incompetence" after that. :wink: I have done dozens, if not hundreds of such "pluck and destroy" missions in my time here, including many of my own and the other admins/mods as well. :roll:


I'd test that theory but I notice zeb is online it comes up with are you sure you want to post!!

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PostPosted: Nov 22nd, '17, 11:14 
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Noted and ignored...

edit: Hah! my edit crashed with your edit!

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PostPosted: Nov 22nd, '17, 20:21 
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Even I can recall many many double posts that I have deleted, but there are also those posts that I sneak into and correct spelling mistakes and bad grammar :wink:


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PostPosted: Nov 22nd, '17, 21:05 
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Seems there is a serious hijacking going on here.

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PostPosted: Nov 22nd, '17, 21:09 
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sailboatmike wrote:
JimJ wrote:
poor customer training

I can't remember ever having any training as a customer :?

Maybe that should be "customer conditioning", in the case that customers become so accustomed to poor after sales service that the have become conditioned to expect nothing better than a shrug of the shoulders or a point blank denial that there is anything wrong with the product, its the way they are trying to use it.

The motor industry made a art form of this for many years here in Australia

Remember the women dressed in black wearing pearls who used to work at Myer or David Jones who would size you up as you walked in and decided as to what your income level was and would advise that 'this could be out of your price range'.
I had one who told me her name was Madam something, I asked if it was profession or title.

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PostPosted: Dec 27th, '17, 20:02 

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Hi duddo and Ed - I bought a new Tohatsu Sailpro a couple of months ago.

My response doesn't particularity focus on the need to pull the rope hard and quick - but may still be useful.

I initially had a few problems with starting until I did exactly what the manual said to do -
* Squeeze fuel tank primer
* throttle in start position
*full choke
*pull rope until you feel some resistance (as others have said this is a different feeling to pulling a normal small motor onto compression - it is a bit like dragging an anchor through sand)
* then pull to start.

I'm now finding its starting first go every time and I'm not needing to pull too hard or fast.
When hot (within a few minutes of running) no choke and throttle in restart position. Consistently starting first time.

The only issue I have now is that in-between time - say 20 minutes stopped. Choke or no choke? Although I'm not completely sorted on this one I'm concluding its a motor that likes choke - so I'll tend that way next time and see how it goes.

(Spacesailer 20)

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