Electricity and fuel vapours?

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Peter Yates
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Electricity and fuel vapours?

Post by Peter Yates » Nov 26th, '18, 12:43

I have contemplated from time to time the fitting of an auto-pilot. I probably won't do it as I really like keeping things simple with minimal electrics and anyway I generally don't sail solo now. But the following question has always bothered me.

My boat has a fitting on the stbd. rear locker door to accept a tiller pilot, but that locker also houses the fuel tank. When I motor, I obviously open the breather on the tank, so it is fair to assume there is a nice volatile mixture happening inside that locker at times.

My question to the brains trust is - how does that sit with having electrical wiring and joiners passing through that locker and would there be any potential sparks from installing an auto-pilot?
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Re: Electricity and fuel vapours?

Post by bachus » Nov 26th, '18, 13:42

Same plug situation here. I do not plug or unplug with the power supply to the plug turned on. But yes still not ideal.
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Re: Electricity and fuel vapours?

Post by Slammin » Nov 26th, '18, 20:34

I think if you tried to start a fire using that setup you wouldn’t achieve much. BUT Murphy being Murphy!

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Re: Electricity and fuel vapours?

Post by Bligh » Dec 7th, '18, 06:15

I recall Milspec explosion proof connectors back in my RAAF days (late 60's) and they cost over a weeks pay each, so probably available but a new boat may be cheaper.
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