Flexible solar panel source

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Flexible solar panel source

Post by Furstin » Sep 14th, '17, 17:15

Hi, I'm after flexible panels of 100watts and up, any recommendations, or experience? Don't have to get flexible really, just low profile.

Thanks, Mat.

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Re: Flexible solar panel source

Post by az100 » Sep 14th, '17, 19:03

They come in different cell count varieties. I have 2x 40 cell and 1x 28 cell versions on my boat. The 40 cell (120W each) are much better with a MPPT charge controller. The local importer I got them from has retired unfortunately. The panels look scruffy after several years exposure but still perform very well.

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Re: Flexible solar panel source

Post by Pancho 43 » Sep 20th, '17, 13:42

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Re: Flexible solar panel source

Post by svwanabe » Sep 26th, '17, 14:49

I bought 1 x 100w from flea bay for about $160 and tie it down across the deck in front of the mast, works great, I left it there for 1200 klm road trip to keep the fridge alive and while cruising
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