Winter on the Gippy Lakes

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Winter on the Gippy Lakes

Post by colect149 » Jul 14th, '15, 13:07

When we took the boat back to the Lakes in May, we resolved to visit once a month, part of the decision was that our visits would be timed around other commitments rather than waiting for suitable weather. The May effort turned into a "hole up" at the Cruiser Club jetty - it just blew and blew, we did get a visit to Ocean Grange but that was about all. We missed June. The July slot was depart the 9th and return on the 13th. By watching the weather reports we understood it was going to be cold and wet so being members of the Cruiser Club we could shelter from West and South West on their jetty, I also put in a power lead and an electric heater. All the cold and wet arrived but we had a nice sail up to Duck Arm on Friday but wind dropped to nothing on the way back. Saturday was windless so we motored over to Ocean Grange. The breeze piped up just as we got there so we looked forward to a good sail back. On the way back I could see some nasty stuff coming but I thought there was a chance it would go round us. We raised sail just as we exited Aurora Chanel - settled in for a nice sail back to Paynesville but the nasty stuff was not kidding, the squall hit with a wack - driving rain blasting wind, mad panic to get everything down, times like this a downhaul for the jib and lazy jacks for the main are a real benefit. Uneventful motor back but the wind driven rain was stinging my face. In the shelter of the Cruiser Club I ran the power lead out and turned the heater on. Had a nice visit from Pdandy and his daughters on Saturday evening and Sunday we opted for a round Raymond Island by car. Home Monday, we were lucky the rain stopped long enough for us to load the car. Conclusion Winter sailing on The Lakes can be OK if you have the facilities, but it would be nice to pick the weather.
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Frank Peters
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Re: Winter on the Gippy Lakes

Post by Frank Peters » Jul 14th, '15, 17:16

Hi Malcolm and Barbara,

you never seem to amaze me. We are shivering just to read you report.

In principal I agree with you decision to go sailing I wish I have somebody to push me from my “hot house”.

But I am looking forward to Cup Day again and also to catch up with you.

Regards Peter and Jana

Sue H
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Re: Winter on the Gippy Lakes

Post by Sue H » Jul 14th, '15, 17:37

Oh well Done Mal and Barbara.... we also vowed to get to the Lakes more often - armed with heater and appropriate gear... however it has been just TOO cold!
Love your reports though.... Hope to see you when it is a bit warmer!
Sue and crew (and the wonder dog Milly)

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Re: Winter on the Gippy Lakes

Post by MelN » Jul 16th, '15, 20:32

Well done Mal and Barbara; you make the rest of us look like wimps. Any time on the water is a good time. :-)
Cal 14 'Charlie'

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