Yet another lakes trip

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Yet another lakes trip

Post by luckyphil666 » Jan 3rd, '17, 22:40

Hi All,
After working 10 days over Christmas I had 5 days off from Thursday until Monday over the New year period. I drove down to Paynesville on Wed night, traffic was pretty light, but it was incredibly hot. 32c in Sale at 8.30pm, 29c in B/dale at around 9.30pm and still 27c at Paynesville at 10pm and did not cool down much during the night.
Worked up a fine sweat setting up and launching the boat and as the ramp was so busy I motored around to Progress jetty and had a quick shower, the benefits of which wore off just as quickly. I have not had humidity like that for a long time. Went for a sail around the south side of Raymond island, got rained on, crossed tacks with a Manitou 32, a yacht I find strangely attractive, they don`t look that good at rest but this one looked great sailing. Pulled up along the shore of the island for a swim and watched the thunder clouds I had been keeping an eye on through the day building up in the West. Decided I had better find somewhere sheltered, so sailed nearly all the way to Steamer landing in Bunga arm (made it to the last red mark then motored) and set up on the mooring poles near the jetty. When the storm hit the yacht was getting quite a lean up under mast alone, and a couple of boats coming in disappeared from view due to the rain and spray, I would hate to be out in the middle of the lake when it hit.
Spent a good night there, went for a couple of swims and walks during the day, then with the sky darkening from the West again I moved up to the little creek I stayed in once before. Got anchored up and watched the thunderstorms firing up both to the West and East of me but nothing over head and the wind did not get up.
Saturday I left Bunga arm and sailed around for a while before heading into Paynesville for a walk and a break from the boat. Pulled into the little cove just inside the Western entrance to Raymond island which is normally empty, this time it was packed with boats getting a good spot to watch the fireworks. Had a quick walk, had a cuppa and lunch, said g`day to a couple of trailer sailers, then buggered off to Point Wilson. Anchored in around .8m about 100m south of the jetty, had a swim, waded ashore, had a walk, then back to the boat and settled down for the night. Watched the first fireworks display at around 9.30, then hit the pillow and woke up for the midnight display, could also see the fireworks at Metung, and the rockets from Lakes entrance as well.
Sunday was cooler with low cloud and misty drizzle and a Southeast wind so I sailed from Point Wilson down to Tambo bluff, one tack all the way. I was going to pull up in the lee of the bluff for a cuppa and something to eat but passed over a lot of bait schools on the sounder so I threw out a lure and caught a good Tailor, I kept tacking back and forth from the Tambo bluff light into Tambo bay and caught 4 all up. Tried beaching for a break and to clean the fish, but the bottom there is very coarse gravel (rocky) so anchored off a bit. After A feed and cleaning fish I set off for Eagle point which I have never sailed to. Had a good run all the way there, did a run along the foreshore then a close reach to the entrance to Mcmillan strait. Dropped sails and motored back to the cove from the day before which now only had 1 trailer sailer. Had a good quiet night then packed up, pulled the boat out and joined the masses heading home, at least only to Sale, where I branch off on the Sth Gippy hwy.
So, for the busiest time of the year on the water I still managed to find peace and solitude, it was only hectic around Paynesville and further up Bunga arm around the camping areas. Had some really good sails, caught fish at last, and met some really nice people. Just how a trip away should be.
PS the march flies are really bad, didn`t have too many mozzies though.

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