First sail in Erin the Heron

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First sail in Erin the Heron

Post by Peter Yates » Nov 6th, '12, 18:21

Don't get many opportunities these days for a sail, but finally organized kids and grand-kids for a day at Lake Cairn Curran near Maldon VIC to try out the Heron on Sunday.

I had forgotten how much fun a dinghy can be. Totally different to sailing the big old SC25.

Winds very flukey due to the surrounding terrain, but with up to 15 knots at times and rapid changes of wind direction, it kept me busy. I was surprised at how the little boat accepted 2 adults and a 10 year old and still almost planed. I think we hit a higher speed than in the big boat although being so close to the water it may have just seemed that way. Just like a little sports car.

At 65, I found no trouble hanging out using the toe straps and my only injury was a sore bum from constantly shifting positions on the timber seats.

Looking forward to another go. Haven't actually burst out laughing whilst sailing for a while either. Highly recommended! :lol:
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