Rowland Reserve - upgrades

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Rowland Reserve - upgrades

Post by davem » Jan 30th, '18, 15:59


Just noticed in an email from the council that the ramps at Rowland Reserve, Bayview are being upgraded... well pontoons are being added at least and it is still in proposal status. This will make them more user friendly & (perhaps) justify the cost that they charge.

See ... es_upgrade

Might be of interest.

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Re: Rowland Reserve - upgrades

Post by Furstin » Jun 24th, '18, 17:05

Yes, they are putting in pontoons down the centre of both ramps at bayview .. Image

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Re: Rowland Reserve - upgrades

Post by zebedee » Jun 24th, '18, 17:44

How civilised.
I was a bit surprised at Parsley Bay ramp in Brooklyn when we were up there:
It's such a well arranged ramp otherwise, but unusable for anything larger than a tinny if you're on your own.
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Re: Rowland Reserve - upgrades

Post by GKandCC » Jun 25th, '18, 10:47

The ramp at Parsley Bay Brooklyn has a big caveat, according to one of the locals there is a big drop off the end of the left hand side, as you look at the water. So on the left be very careful how far you drive your trailer in, especially if you own a red jacket.

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