Tunks Park Cammeray/Northbridge Sydney

Let people know the beaut locations to sail and the great boat ramps you've found.
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Tunks Park Cammeray/Northbridge Sydney

Post by Slammin » Feb 24th, '09, 19:05

Tunks park is accessed via Eastern Valley Way or Falcon St. There are 2 ways down to the water one easy one tricky both steep. I took our Seaway 25 down the tricky way and in doing so gained my stripes for T.P.D.T. Toyota's Precision Drivng Team. Note to self, never believe a GPS again even when it's set to heavy vehicle.

Parking was good and free BUT will fill up quickly at peak times. Reasonably secure, we spent the night onboard in the carpark and there were a few hoons driving around, they seemingly like the steep hills to lay rubber. However the place is fairly busy - there are football fields and a good kids playground so we felt secure when we left the car and trailer for a few days.

The ramp is concrete, a bit steeper than some but in no way ridiculous.

Jetty is small but just capable of taking 3 small boats. Rocks on the other side.

Seemed to always be an empty mooring to borrow near by.

Apparently fuel is available at Cammeray Marina a short row away.

Toilets were a bit of a walk from the carpark and v.basic.
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Post by Furstin » Apr 20th, '09, 12:25

NB: Tunks ramp.

At low tide it is possible to run your trailer wheel off the end of the ramp - one side, I think the left as you look down it, is shorter than the other. Usually not an issue for TS's as most retrieve with only the tyre just in the water, but if you are a dunker, beware and walk it first.

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Post by Ben » May 28th, '10, 07:05

Hi Folks

I was at Tunks Park the other day (unfortunately in a stinky) and saw that it has been upgraded.

There is now a pontoon down the left hand side (looking from the shore) that is in an 'L' shape replacing the old floating jetty.

It is now possible to walk the boats off the trailer and tie them up. there is space for about 4 boats around the new pontoon.

This is a great improvement to Tunks Park as you no longer have the big gap between the ramp and the jetty.

I'll drop down there soon and get some photos to show the changes.



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Post by porridgepots » Jun 5th, '10, 20:20

found a write-up on the ramp improvements
http://mosman-daily.whereilive.com.au/n ... acilities/
from article
[quote]“For a chunk of concrete it’s quite beautiful. This will make the transition from land to water smoother and safer.â€

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Post by Castle 610 » Jun 6th, '10, 19:24

Being mexicans we thought Tunks park ramp was the one near Roseville bridge so we launched there. Bit further up middle harbour but all went ok. We left the car there all week but had to come back Thurs to buy another ticket.

This year we might get it right!

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Re: Tunks Park Cammeray/Northbridge Sydney

Post by Cooper » May 14th, '13, 23:21

And that might have changed things a lot in the three years since the last post. 8)

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