Daintree Village Boat Ramp

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Daintree Village Boat Ramp

Post by Ralph » Sep 24th, '09, 23:10

There is an excellent ramp at Daintree Village with plenty of parking space and an all concrete single lane ramp.

You have to raise the stick at the top of the ramp. Not in the car park. This is not a problem. Do all that you can in the car park then drive down to the top of the ramp, raise your mast and launch your boat. It is not a very busy ramp and the locals will mostly want to have a squizz at your boat.

Looking down to the top of the ramp from the car park.

The next pic is taken at the top of the ramp. From the centre of this pic, the Car Park can be seen up and to the right.
The ramp runs down at to the left from the centre of the pic.

The ramp is a nice shallow concrete ramp.

The river is tidal. Launching at low tide is much easier if you have a tilt trailer. There are no docks available to visitors. Once on the river you need to be self sufficient.

There are no food, hardware or fuel supplies available at Daintree Village. There are a couple of cafes, gift shops and a caravan park. Mossman is the nearest fully serviced township.

The Daintree River is a good cruising base for trips to Snapper Island, Low Isles, Mossman and Port Douglas. The fishing is quite good but the highlight is croc spotting.

When you are on a 21 foot boat and a 40 or 50 foot whale passes by, there is generally quite a bit of excitement. When a 16 foot crocodile drifts by, there is an entirely different feeling on board 8).

Cheers - Ralph

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