Griffin T/S 21ft ??

Give the specs of the trailer sailers you know off and their pro's and con's
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Griffin T/S 21ft ??

Post by Buzzman » Dec 15th, '17, 12:09

Bloke near me on gumtree selling a 21 ft "Griffin" F/G T/S.

Looks in good nick and really cheap.

Can't tell from the pics if it has a shoal draft leaded external keel, or if this is the casing for un underfloor narrow-blade swing-keel. Title says it's "swing keel", and lloks like ports in floor for access to a pivot point....

Anyone know anything about them? ... 1168860256

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Re: Griffin T/S 21ft ??

Post by INMA » Dec 15th, '17, 13:11

Buzzman, from the pictures, it looks to be in poor condition and there are lots of little things that should scare off smart buyers.

The topside has recently been painted grey but the paint on the stern is poorly finished. My guess is that paint job was a quick attempt to cover other sins. If the preparation is as bad as the finish, it probably needs stripping, preparing and painting which done properly will cost a few grand.

The trailer is painted, my guess is the trailer is stuffed rusted on both the inside and outside. A new trailer for that yacht will need to be custom made. $5,000 to $10,000.

That outboard is old and worthless, it probably needs replacing with a 5hp or 6hp outboard. The weight of the 15hp outboard is a big issue when rigging etc.

For what my opinion is worth walk away, save more money and buy a yacht that is well known and in use.

Remember buying a yacht ends up with selling the yacht. In a few years time the only place for that yacht and trailer will be the tip, and they will charge you for the privilege.
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Re: Griffin T/S 21ft ??

Post by Peter Yates » Dec 15th, '17, 14:30

I too thought that it was pretty cheap for the size. It appears to be FG and a big version of the Griffin 17, so unless there is hidden damage, it might be quite sturdy, even if the paint job is ordinary.

I am also suspicious of painted trailers but it looks sturdy and might be OK. Similarly, the OB is old and heavy but also could be OK.

So as INMA says, there are lots of potential traps and it is an "orphan" so you won't find out much about it from others, but there is just a chance that it is a bargain - even as a motor cruiser or fishing boat.
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