Fibreglass Guy near Bendigo

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Fibreglass Guy near Bendigo

Post by Peter Yates » Feb 17th, '15, 14:47

Living between Melbourne and Bendigo (70km from each), I have not been able to find a place that sells anything more than the basic FG repair kits or just the resin and hardener that Bunnings sells. In fact if you mention Flowcoat at Bunnings, they just look at you.

Todd Pickering at GelTek in Lockwood near Bendigo is a boat builder (although main trade is swimming pools, Porsche flared guards etc.). He builds A class catamarans. So he knows about sailing craft.

He is happy to give advice and also sell things like Flowcoat, Q Cells etc etc if you bring your own containers and ring him first. 0419474456 or
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