CH SMITH Melbourne and B & G

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CH SMITH Melbourne and B & G

Post by duncanhayward » Nov 16th, '18, 13:01

Good service from CH SMITH Melbourne and from B&G (Navico).

I have an AIRMAR DST800 (depth, speed, temp) transducer that recently died. It is out of warranty. Good service from B&G over the phone who talked me through fault finding and trouble shooting. No joy. Once I was able to provide proof of purchase B&G were happy to replace - its 6 months outside of its 2 year warranty. No issues from them - they were surprised that it had failed and were more interested in getting it back so they could have a look at it.

Small issue that they require the item returned before they will send out a replacement model. Bit difficult with a transducer that I had lost the blanking plug for! I contacted CHSMITH They were more than happy to send me out a loan plug gratis so that I can pull the transducer to do the return. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Good service from all - vendor who hunted me down a spare plug and loaned it to me so I didn't have to purchase it; distributer who was happy to back their product and replace even out of warranty!
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Re: CH SMITH Melbourne and B & G

Post by Sue H » Nov 16th, '18, 13:41

Great service from both parties....good work!

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Re: CH SMITH Melbourne and B & G

Post by barnaclephill » Nov 16th, '18, 15:54

I shall be visiting CH Smith soon because they are the only retail place in Melb that sells 3M's 5200 super adhesive. I need someting stronger than Sikaflex for mast steps.

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