Delivery 'Rocket' Catalina 375 Sanctuary Cove - Airlie Beach

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Post by pazazz » Jul 7th, '10, 21:15

Awesome post Jay 8)
How did the Cat perform ?
A Catalina is on the wish list when I have more time to take in lifes pleasures !
Cheers Pazazz
Fair winds and calm waters

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Post by oz4me » Jul 7th, '10, 21:19

YIPEEEEE an new page Well done Tim
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Post by pattersonsqld » Jul 9th, '10, 14:10


Top article with heaps of information for all.

A word of advice....

The first time I went to Percy in 1989 I swam ashore (as everone went ahead while I was nursing crew member who tried to stop the kite on a 50 footer from dropping after letting a rope clutch go, not around the winch & with no sailing gloves!!).
I swam ashore & then back to the boat.

Was told on one of the following tripos that fishermen/trawlers often clean fish there & you get a lot of bull sharks. Not sure how true but I'm not going to test it!

I would say the clunking from the steering would be the key but that shouldn't be worn on that new a boat??

Thanks again.
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Post by Furstin » Jul 9th, '10, 14:33

Dependng on the clunk:

And unsure which of these are possible on a Catalina, but we've just gone through it 'on the big boat'. :P

i) Top bearing housing moving about under load. Depends on housing, ours was coach bolted and not moved in 12 years
ii) Top bearing crapped itself (in our case) and walking around a bit inside the housing.
iii) Wire lead on the quadrant not properly aligned, and at some point gets a small ride up, which snaps off back into the groove - can make quite a crack under load.
iv) usually never the bottom bearing as they are a cuff bearing / seal.

Other ideas would be join from wheel to quadrant wire (not usually one piece), well in the past).

Nice writeup Jay, had to put it away for a quiet time!
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Post by TrueBlue » Jul 9th, '10, 18:06


Derek has absolutely no Fear of the sea and is also a diver, I would think about it myself :wink:

As to the 'Clunk' that was found in Yeppoon.
There are 4 locating bolts that locate the rudder tube (two top, two bottom) in the fibreglass through hull rudder stem fitting, these I tightened and clunk was gone never to return.
The other (crack sound under big loads) was slip I was pretty sure and I do not know that system as mentioned, but the wheel had moved 1/4 turn after the mad ride from Percys to Scawfell island. I suspect it is all cable and not chain and cable and I just did not make cable tight enough at Yeppoon as didn't want to over do it.
It may have slipped on Wheel quadrant(if I suspect correctly on the system) as it could not do that at Rudder end as that is where the adjustment is made and where cables terminate either side of quadrant.

I will find out later what it was as it would have been a service thing I'm sure.
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