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Privacy Statement for Trailer Sailer Place Forums

Web Site and Forum Editorial Policy

The reasons for having an editorial policy and contribution guidelines are: –

*To protect the Site Administrator, and Assistant Managers from potential libel, breach of copyright actions and defamation situations.

* To have a clear set of guidelines to ascertain whether the contribution is in breach of the guidelines, and if it should remain or be removed.

* To make the Web Site a useful tool for members as well as other interested parties.

* To ensure that the Site does not become cumbersome with disagreements, personal attacks and an overabundance of unrelated contributions. *To provide clarity as to which articles can remain on the site without the site Manager or Assistant Manager/s being accused of censorship.

Site Manager

The Manager will appoint Moderators to assist with the efficient running of the Web Site, and the security of the site material and will have final say over any matter.

Assistant Managers

The Assistant Managers are appointed to oversee the day-to-day running of the site forum, and such Assistant Managers as are necessary to oversee individual topics. Such Manager or Assistant Managers will not be identified by name but rather by position (eg. ” Assistant Managers ” Assistant Managers appointed must always act in an impartial and unbiased manner, and must not let any personal feelings affect their actions or decisions. The following guidelines are necessary to aid both contributors and manager and assistant managers.

Contribution Guidelines

(1) All contributions submitted must include the contributor’s user name. The contributor must also have the required fields filled in his personal profile.

(2) The contributor must acknowledge the original author if the contribution is not original material.

(3) Where a Manager or Assistant Manager has cause to delete a contribution, the reason for deletion will be stated on the forum, making reference to one of the “Contribution Guidelines”, and the offending contribution will be referred to the Manager or Assistant Managers as a courtesy.

(4) The Manager or Assistant Managers are to refrain from making any personal or political comments in their roles as Manager or Assistant Manager.

(5) Contributions to the Site should be mainly concerned with articles pertaining to Trailer Sailers or related activities.

(6) Contributions concerning safety issues will be given first priority.

(7) Contributions not related to Trailer Sailing will receive low priority.

(8) The Web Site is not to be used for commercial advertising, without the express permission of the TSP Manager.

(9) The Manager or Assistant Manager/s will delete any article that, according to the Manager or Assistant Manager/s, could bring the name of the TSP into disrepute.

(10* Contributions containing pornography and or profanity (either implied or suggested) will be deleted.

(11) Any personal attack (whether by name or innuendo) will be removed from the contribution: – firstly to protect the individual attacked, secondly to protect the Manager or Assistant Manager/s from threats of legal action.

(12) Any form of personal discrimination in the context of a contribution will be removed. Free speech will be encouraged but denigrations against sections of humanity are considered to be counterproductive and not in the best interests of the Sailing or the TSP site.

(13) Any libellous comments or depreciatory innuendo will be removed from the site.

(14) Any personal criticism of another’s views or position posted on the site shall give the criticised party the opportunity to respond. (Assuming that neither contribution breaches any of the other guidelines). The aforementioned “right of reply” is a one off privilege and continued personal “bickering” will be deleted.

(15) The contributor is to get permission to repeat articles from other magazines from the original author or the editor of that magazine; any article older than 10 years is permissible to reprint. If you are unable to receive permission due to inability to contact a Site Manager or Assistant Manager and an article is in definite breach of copyright, it will be deleted. Sometimes it is better to provide a reference to, and commentary about an important article than to copy it in its entirety to the site.

(16) If a contribution is submitted more than once, repeat copies will not be included without the Manager’s permission.

(17) Photos or diagrams submitted for inclusion should be of sufficient size and clarity to be clear and legible.

(18) Photos or articles depicting Trailer Sailers taking part in illegal activities will be deleted.

(19) Technical contributions of dubious accuracy will be referred to the TSP site manager or assistant manager for checking.

(20) The TSP Web Site is primarily for Australian Trailer Sailing activity. Articles of foreign origin are welcomed and encouraged, on the condition that they do not contravene the above guidelines.

(21) A Manager or Assistant Manager may relocate any article that he determines to be off topic.

(22) Any article that is of mixed content, may be referred back to the contributor for correction to become more topic specific.

(23) Any article that is suspect as to whether it complies with these guidelines must be referred to the TSP Manager or Assistant Manager/s for determination.

(24) Repeat offenders to these rules may be barred from posting on the forum for a period determined by the Site Manager or Assistant Manager or the TSP Board or may be banned outright.

(25) The Manager or Assistant Manager/s decision on “moderation” will be final.


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