Place for Virtual Yacht Racers to crow about who is where in the pack
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Perhaps of interest .. and maybe folks here are members?

Welcome to Sailonline is owned and operated by Sailonline, a not for profit, community-owned group. Sailonline's mission is to offer a free internet-based sailing and navigation simulation to the global sailing community. Sailonline is free for everyone to join-in and is supported by SYC Memberships.

Welcome! You can Login now with our guest account to view currently running races: Username: guest - Password: guest


Current Races:

Hong Kong to Puerto Galera 2019: Welcome all to SOL's fourth race in this year's twelve race SYC Championships, and to another prestigious buddy-up with RHKYC for their inaugural Hong Kong to Puerto Galera ocean race. 650nm as the red-footed booby flies, and for our Santa Cruz 52's just a quick dash with the sheets more than likely well-eased ... Race starts: Apr 17th 04:20 Registration Open!

Sailonline Manual

1. Sailonline is a strategy simulator for ocean sailing which challenges both the novice and the expert. It lets you sail your boat over oceans around the globe easier than you can imagine. But, as in real life, in order to sail fast and to ultimately win races requires full dedication, practice, knowledge and working skills. The simulator runs in real time which means that a race can be ongoing for days or even weeks. Luckily, there are autopilots installed in all boats so that you do not need to steer manually all the time. Small adjustments of your autopilot setting a couple of times per day is often sufficient. To enable realistic sailing the weather in which the boats sail is authentic along with both the charts and the boat performance. Hence, Sailonline lets you race the boats you otherwise just see from a distance.

1.1. Sailonline Manual, here: ... ST2012.pdf

1.2. Getting started

*Step 1. Register here to create a user account. Your user account will be used in all races you choose to participate in.
*Step 2. Go to the the list of active races and click "Enter race now" on the race you wish to enter.

1.3. The client (your tool for steering the boat)

Most of the graphical user interface in the client software is intuitive even for novice sailors. Here is a brief introduction. In the map, the brown is land and the white is sailable water. You can zoom in and out by using the +/- symbols in the tool bar above the map. Your boat is bright pink. You can center the map over your boat by pressing the pink boat symbol. You steer your boat by setting a course or a TWA (explained below) either by pressing the "steering-wheel" symbol followed by picking a course on the map or by entering a desired value in the small window to the right of the map. Select the desired steering mode CC/TWA and click "Send Command" button. ...

1.12. The actual sailing

The boats' actual sailing is done in the central server at Sailport and NOT in a user's computer. The client is only used for viewing and manipulation of your boat. Hence, you can disconnect and shut your computer down and your boat will still sail. The boats are moved forward (integrated) stepwise. The length in time between the steps varies accordingto server workload etc but is usually kept under 30 seconds. (Note: Flash must be enabled)

1.13. The chat

The chat is there to be used! Choose your preferred language and go ahead and use it along with your judgement. The default window is English chat and this is used by most people..
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